Contacts Sidebar downloads

Latest release

Released: September 4, 2012
Size: 4.0KB
For: Thunderbird 2
Supported languages: en-US, nl-NL
Thunderbird: Download

Install instructions

First download the xpi file to your hard disk by clicking on the install link. If you use Internet Explorer to download the file, be aware that IE sometimes adds a .zip extension to the file. If this happens, remove the .zip extension from the file and replace it with .xpi. Run Thunderbird and go to "Tools | Extensions", click on the "Install" button and open the saved xpi file.

All Contacts Sidebar (pre-)releases

In this list you only see releases hosted on my server. If you are looking for a different localization of Contacts Sidebar go to the translations page.

Files marked green arecurrent releases and are recommended to install. The files marked red arepre-releasesand only suited for those who know what they are doing. The pre-releases are not guaranteerd to work with the latest Thunderbird release. Check the extension Changelog for more details.

Release Date Size Link
contactssidebar-1.7pre.xpi 2012-09-04 180KB Download
contactssidebar-1.6pre.xpi 2012-08-09 180KB Download
contactssidebar-1.5pre.xpi 2012-04-09 180KB Download
contactssidebar-1.4pre.xpi 2012-01-23 180KB Download
contactssidebar-1.3pre.xpi 2011-12-18 180KB Download
contactssidebar-1.2pre.xpi 2011-11-29 180KB Download
contactssidebar-1.1pre.xpi 2011-10-03 180KB Download
contactssidebar-1.0pre.xpi 2011-09-05 179KB Download
contactssidebar-0.9pre.xpi 2011-07-31 88KB Download
contactssidebar-0.8pre2.xpi 2010-07-20 88KB Download
contactssidebar-0.8pre.xpi 2010-02-28 88KB Download
contactssidebar.xpi 2007-09-16 93KB Download
contactssidebar-0.7.1.xpi 2007-09-16 93KB Download
contactssidebar-0.7.xpi 2007-04-20 43KB Download
contactssidebar-0.6.xpi 2005-12-31 38KB Download
contactssidebar-0.5.xpi 2004-12-02 25KB Download
contactssidebar-0.4.xpi 2004-11-04 27KB Download
contactssidebar-0.3.xpi 2004-09-05 24KB Download
contactssidebar-0.20.xpi 2004-06-10 49KB Download
contactssidebar-0.12.xpi 2004-05-28 42KB Download
contactssidebar-0.11.xpi 2004-05-18 42KB Download
contactssidebar-0.1.xpi 2004-05-17 41KB Download
contactssidebar-0.6-nlNL.xpi 2006-01-08 41KB Download
contactssidebar-0.5-nlNL.xpi 2004-12-28 25KB Download
contactssidebar-0.4-nlNL.xpi 2004-11-04 27KB Download
contactssidebar-0.3-nlNL.xpi 2004-09-18 25KB Download
contactssidebar-0.20-nlNL.xpi 2004-06-10 49KB Download
contactssidebar-0.12-nlNL.xpi 2004-05-28 42KB Download