Named Anchors

This extension adds a new tab to Page Info with information about the named anchors in the current document.


It looks like due to a Firefox bug it is not possible to drag & drop URL's from the Page Info window when you are running Windows. Miha Filej was so kind to create a bugzilla bug report about this (non-) behaviour, see bug #268738.


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screenshot of Page Info's named anchors tab
Named anchors tab in Page Info window


Latest release

Released: April 9, 2012
Size: 4.0KB
For: Firefox 0.8 - 2.0
Supported languages: ca-AD, da-DK, de-DE, en-US
es-ES, fi-FI, fr-FR, hu-HU, it-IT,
ja-JP, nl-NL, pt-BR, ru-RU, tr-TR
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Install instructions

To install the extension in Firefox, just click on the install link. If Firefox gives a warning that it is not possible to install software from "", click on the "Edit Options..." button and allow software to install from the site by clicking on the "Allow" button. Close the dialog and click again on the install link.

All Named Anchors (pre-)releases

Files marked green arecurrent releases and are recommended to install. The files marked red arepre-releasesand only suited for those who know what they are doing. The pre-releases are not guaranteerd to work with the latest Firefox release. Check the extension Changelog for more details.

Release Date Size Link
namedanchors-0.4beta.xpi 2008-04-20 8.6KB Install
namedanchors.xpi 2007-04-21 11KB Install
namedanchors-0.3.2.xpi 2007-04-21 11KB Install
namedanchors-0.3.1.xpi 2007-03-04 10KB Install
namedanchors-0.3.xpi 2006-10-29 9.2KB Install
namedanchors-0.2.1.xpi 2006-01-25 7.3KB Install
namedanchors-0.2.xpi 2005-12-09 6.9KB Install
namedanchors-0.15.xpi 2004-11-04 6.3KB Install
namedanchors-0.14.xpi 2004-10-08 6.5KB Install
namedanchors-0.13.xpi 2004-10-01 6.5KB Install
namedanchors-0.12.xpi 2004-09-15 6.0KB Install
namedanchors-0.11.xpi 2004-06-15 9.5KB Install
namedanchors-0.1.xpi 2004-05-17 8.0KB Install


20 April, 2008 version 0.4beta

New features:
  • Compatible with Firefox 3 Beta

21 April, 2007 version 0.3.2

New features:
  • Added ja-JP locale, contributed by Kippis

4 March, 2007 version 0.3.1

New features:
  • Added ca-AD locale, contributed by el_libre
  • Added fi-FI locale, contributed by Risse
  • Added tr-TR locale, contributed by kara

28 October, 2006 version 0.3

New features:
  • Compatible with Firefox 2.0, removed Mozilla support.
  • Added da-DK locale, contributed by AlleyKat
  • Added de-DE locale, contributed by jojaba
  • Added es-ES locale, contributed by wolfgangmixer
  • Added fr-FR locale, contributed by MatrixIsAllOver
  • Added it-IT locale, contributed by Rodrigo Bergmann Laurindo
  • Added pt-BR locale, contributed by TLemur
  • Added ru-RU locale, contributed by ZuGro

25 January, 2006 version 0.2.1

New features:
  • Added hu-HU locale, contributed by KAMI

9 December, 2005 version 0.2

New features:
  • Compatible with Firefox version 1.5.
  • Added a new column "Content" on the "Named Anhors" tab. This column displays the content of the named anchor for a better description of the anchor. Note that the content is in a lot (most?) cases empty.

4 November, 2004 version 0.15

New features:
  • Compatible with Firefox version 1.0.
  • Removed the different handling of XHTML and non-XHTML documents. For every document all A elements with a name attribute and all A elements with an id attribute and no href attribute are listed as Named Anchor.

8 October, 2004 version 0.14

New features:
  • none
  • It seems <a name="abc"></a>' is not invalid in XHTML, just deprecated. This fix shows the "old style" named anchors in XHTML documents when defined.

1 October, 2004 version 0.13

New features:
  • Named anchors in XHTML documents are now listed. For non XHTML documents the anchors '<a name="abc"></a>' are listed and for XHTML documents '<a id="abc"></a>'.
  • When the current document href already included a hash, the hash of a named anchor was added to this href and the result was an invalid URL.

15 September, 2004 version 0.12

New features:
  • Compatible with Firefox 1.0 Preview Release

15 June, 2004 version 0.11

New features:
  • Updated the install process to work with the new Extension Manager in Firefox 0.9. The old extension mechanism is still supported.

17 May, 2004 version 0.1

New features:
  • Initial version