Contacts Sidebar Changelog

16 September, 2007 version 0.7.1

New features:
  • For each search result, the number of matches is shown in the status bar.
  • Added bg-BG locale, contributed by Lachezar
  • Added cs-CZ locale, contributed by Tomáš Hrouda
  • Added de-DE locale, contributed by Team, Alexander Ihrig
  • Added el-GR locale, contributed by Apostolos Kechagias
  • Added es-ES locale, contributed by Fenix-TX
  • Added fr-FR locale, contributed by Olab
  • Added hu-HU locale, contributed by Raziel
  • Added it-IT locale, contributed by Billmn, Michele Scandale
  • Added ja-JP locale, contributed by Masahiko Imanaka
  • Added pl-PL locale, contributed by teo, Bartosz Piec
  • Added pt-BR locale, contributed by Alberto Eidh, Claudio Terra
  • Added pt-PT locale, contributed by SirArthur
  • Added ru-RU locale, contributed by Alexey Alexeev and Igor Lyubimov
  • Added zh-TW locale, contributed by jackbin
  • Fixed an issue which broke wildcard searches (*). Because of this auto populate for LDAP address book no longer worked. Happend whenever the search condition was not "is".
  • Fixed an encoding issue in nl-NL locale. Because of this issue the sidebar did not load in the Dutch locale an and xml parse error message was shown instead.
  • Fixed issue in restoring the persistent state of the collapsable address book switcher and search field.
  • Compatibility fix for xSidebarTIG contributed by Philip Chee (author of xSidebarTIG)
  • Fixed an incompatibility with the extension ConQuery and Minimize to Tray Enhancer. Starting a new message from the Contacts Sidebar did not open a new compose window. The Error Console showed the error: "window.parent.GetSelectedFolderURI is not a function"

19 April, 2007 version 0.7

New features:
  • Compatible with Thunderbird 2.
  • Added the nl-NL locale to the English xpi. The Dutch xpi is now obsolete.
  • Update artwork to match the new default Thunderbird theme.
  • In an attempt to make the sidebar more usefriendly the sidebar is expanded by default and the BCC and CC context menu item are enabled by default.
  • Contacts Sidebar toolbar label wasted too much space. Shortened to "Contacts", just like the toolbar in the compose window.
  • Fixed Thunderbird issue where the width of the sidebar in the compose window was not persistent across Thunderbird sessions.

2 December, 2004 version 0.5

New features: Fixes:
  • Forwarding multiple messages was broken. Only one message was forwarded and the other messages where ignored.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented to write a message to a contact when there is no account selected in the account folder.
  • Fixed a chrome registration error. Without this fix the extension would fail in localized builds.
  • Disable "properties" menu item when multiple contacts are selected.

4 November, 2004 version 0.4

New features:
  • Compatible with Thunderbird 0.9.
  • Added the organization and phone number columns to the sidebar.
  • Changed the quick search criteria modes to: "Name or Organization", "Email Addresses", "Phone Numbers" and "All columns in sidebar".
  • Make ctrl-up and ctrl-down cycle through the available quick search criteria modes when focus is inside the search box.
  • When a contact has an additional email address the context menu shows the primary and the additional email address of the contact in a sub menu. Only works when one contact is selected.
  • Added the short cut key F4 to toggle the contacts sidebar in the compose window. Just for consistency.
  • Added a close icon inside the the search box to clear the box. This button shows up when you have text inside the search box. Otherwise it is hidden.
  • Removed the "What's new" button in the about dialog. Too much trouble to maintain.
  • Disable "delete" menu item in context menu for LDAP address books.
  • When a message is dropped on a contact the message is now actually forwarded as attachment and not just send as attachment. Forward inline does not work (yet?).
  • Use the Winstripe/Gnomestripe twisty images.

26 August, 2004 version 0.3

New features:
  • Changed version numbering. This 0.3 release is the first release after version 0.20. Releases with new features will have a 0.x version number. Bug fix releases will have a 0.x.x version number. If this sounds to complicated, it's just like Thunderbird version numbers.
  • Changed the Contacts Sidebar home page url to
  • Added Drag & Drop support to Contacts Sidebar. Drop a file or an email messages on a contact to write a new message to this contacts with the file or message attached.
  • When a message is dropped on a contact the subject for this new messages is automatically set to "[Fwd: <org. subject>]". When multiple messages are attached the subject of the first messages is used for the new subject.
  • Added a pref to open multiple compose windows when multiple messages or files are dropped on a contact, or just one compose window with multiple attachments.
  • Added a dropdown in the Search field to search for Name, Email or Additional Email, or a combination of these fields.
  • Added the option to automatically populate LDAP address books with a user-defined search query.
  • Added the column "Additional Email" to Contacts Sidebar.
  • Control double click writes a message to the additional email address of a contact.
  • Added a "What's New" button to the about box.
  • Added middle mouse click support. Middle click, double left click and the enter key all trigger the same actions:
      * middle click / double left click / enter:
           write message to contacts primary email address
      * shift+middle click / shift+double left click / shift+enter:
           write message to contacts primary email address in inverted HTML/text format
      * ctrl+middle click / ctrl+double left click / ctrl+enter:
           write a message to contacts additional email address
      * ctrl+shift+middle click / ctrl+shift+double left click/ctrl+shift+enter:
           write message to contacts additional email address in inverted HTML/text format
  • Added keyboard navigation to the Contacts Sidebar:
      * Enter:
           write message to selected contact
      * Shift+Enter:
           write message in inverted HTML/text format
      * Ctrl+Enter:
           writes a message to the additional email address of the selected contact
      * Delete:
           remove selected contacts from address book
      * Insert:
           add new card to address book
      * Alt+Enter:
           view properties of selected contact
  • Added a "Contacts Sidebar" menu item to "View | Layout" to toggle the display of the sidebar. No more "jar hacking" required.
  • Fixed setting of the folder pane width. When Contacts Sidebar was installed the width of the folder pane was always reset to the default on restart of Thunderbird. Also removed the max-width setting for Contacts Sidebar so the folder pane can resize to the max.
  • No enter key necessary to start the search. The search is automatically performed after a small delay.
  • It's now possible to sort the columns in the Contact Sidebar by clicking on the column headers.
  • When writing a message the identity of the selected account (if available) is used as "from"-field.
  • Added MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1 license text to files.

5 June, 2004 version 0.20

New features:
  • Updated the install process to work with the new Extension Manager in Thunderbird 0.6+ (Aviary branch). The old extension mechanism is still supported.
  • Added a menu option "New Card" to the Contacts Sidebar popup menu to easily add a new contact to the addressbook.
  • Added two menu items to the Contacts Sidebar popup menu to add recipients to the Cc and Bcc fields of a (new) message. To avoid menu clutter it is configurable in the Contacts Sidebar options which menu items should be visible in the popup menu.

28 May, 2004 version 0.12

New features:
  • none
  • After installation the Contacts Sidebar is enabled by default and visible.
  • If the Contacts Sidebar is open and has focus the selected address will not be filled in as recipient when a new message is created via "File | New | Message" or the "Write" button.

18 May, 2004 version 0.11

New features:
  • none
  • Fixed a bug which caused the sidebar to open as an empty pane.
  • Bug fix: Contacts Sidebar height was not stored at Thunderbird shutdown.

17 May, 2004 version 0.1

New features:
  • Initial version