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This extension inserts the current date/time into a message or an input field in the browser.



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Timestamp options
Timestamp options
screenshot with Timestamp extension in action
Timestamp in mail composer
screenshot with Timestamp extension in action
Timestamp in browser


Latest release

Version: 1.4
Released: September 4, 2012
Size: 4.0KB
For: Up to Thunderbird 11.9.x
and Firefox 11.9.x
Supported languages: en-US
Firefox: Install
Thunderbird: Download

Install instructions

For Thunderbird

First download the xpi file to your hard disk by clicking on the install link. If you use Internet Explorer to download the file, be aware that IE sometimes adds a .zip extension to the file. If this happens, remove the .zip extension from the file and replace it with .xpi. Run Thunderbird and go to "Tools | Extensions", click on the "Install" button and open the saved xpi file.

For Firefox

To install the extension in Firefox, just click on the install link. If Firefox gives a warning that it is not possible to install software from "", click on the "Edit Options..." button and allow software to install from the site by clicking on the "Allow" button. Close the dialog and click again on the install link.

All Timestamp (pre-)releases

Files marked green arecurrent releases and are recommended to install. The files marked red arepre-releasesand only suited for those who know what they are doing. The pre-releases are not guaranteerd to work with the latest Thunderbird/Firefox release. Check the extension Changelog for more details.

Release Date Size Link
timestamp-1.4.xpi 2012-04-09 21KB InstallDownload
timestamp.xpi 2012-04-09 21KB InstallDownload
timestamp-1.3.xpi 2012-01-23 21KB InstallDownload
timestamp-1.2.xpi 2011-11-14 21KB InstallDownload
timestamp-1.1.xpi 2011-10-31 21KB InstallDownload
timestamp-1.0.xpi 2011-09-05 21KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.9.xpi 2011-07-31 21KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.8.xpi 2011-04-09 21KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.7.2.xpi 2010-07-20 21KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.7.1.xpi 2010-04-17 22KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.7.xpi 2010-02-28 26KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.6.xpi 2009-09-27 48KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.5.1.xpi 2007-02-19 25KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.5.xpi 2006-10-28 25KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.4.xpi 2006-01-29 25KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.3.xpi 2004-12-02 22KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.2.xpi 2004-11-04 20KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.13.xpi 2004-09-15 13KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.12.xpi 2004-06-23 36KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.11.xpi 2004-06-15 31KB InstallDownload
timestamp-0.1.xpi 2004-05-17 29KB InstallDownload


9 April, 2012 version 1.4pre

New features:
  • Compatible up to Firefox v11.9.x
  • Compatible up to Thunderbird v11.9.x

23 January, 2012 version 1.4pre

New features:
  • Compatible up to Firefox v9.9.x
  • Compatible up to Thunderbird v9.9.x

14 November, 2011 version 1.2

New features:
  • Compatible up to Firefox v8.9.x
  • Compatible up to Thunderbird v8.9.x

31 October, 2011 version 1.1

New features:
  • Compatible up to Firefox v7.9.x
  • Compatible up to Thunderbird v7.9.x

5 September, 2011 version 1.0

New features:
  • Compatible with Firefox v6.0.x up to v6.9.x
  • Compatible with Thunderbird v6.0.x up to v6.9.x

31 July, 2011 version 0.8

New features:
  • Compatible with Firefox v5.0.x up to v5.9.x
  • Compatible with Thunderbird v5.0.x up to v5.9.x

20 July, 2010 version 0.7.2

New features:
  • Compatible with Firefox up to v3.9.x
  • Compatible with Thunderbird up to v3.9.x

27 February, 2010 version 0.7.1

  • Fixed installer (.xpi file) for both Firefox and Thunderbird.

27 February, 2010 version 0.7

New features:
  • Compatible with Firefox 3.6.x
  • Compatible with Thunderbird 3.0.x

27 September, 2009 version 0.6

New features:
  • Compatible with Firefox 3.5
  • Fixed width and height of the preference dialog

13 April, 2008 version 0.6beta

New features:
  • Compatible with Firefox 3.0 Beta
  • None

19 February, 2007 version 0.5.1

New features:
  • None
  • Fixed a typo in the German translation.

28 October, 2006 version 0.5

New features:
  • Compatible with Firefox 2.0 and Thunderbird 2.0

29 January, 2006 version 0.4

New features:
  • Compatible with Firefox 1.5 and Thunderbird 1.5. Mozilla is no longer supported.
  • Added two more format specifiers: %n for a new line and %y for a two digit year.
  • New preference to set the locale (OS locale, Tb/Fx locale, or a hand picked locale) to use for the user-defined timestamp.
  • Added Polish (pl-PL) localization, contributed by Konrad Korzeniowski.
  • Added German (de-DE) localization, contributed by Thomas Dusin.
  • Fixed a bug in user-defined format which caused missing time zone information (like CET).
  • Fixed a bug in calculating the window width and height of the Options window.

2 December, 2004 version 0.3

New features: Fixes:
  • Increased the height of the preferences window, the timestamp preview was (sometimes) cut off.

4 November, 2004 version 0.2

New features:
  • Compatible with Thunderbird 0.9.
  • Added support for Firefox 1.0 and Mozilla 1.7 browser. It is now possible to add a timestamp in textboxes and textareas with a click on "Insert Timestamp" in the context menu.
  • Added a user-defined datetime format in the Timesamp preference window. The conversion specifiers in the format string are based on the specifiers of the Linux date command.
  • The timestamp choices are listed in two columns to preserve some space, the uninstall button was pushed of the window in Mozilla. This changed the order of the timestamp modes. Check your settings after you installed this new version.
  • Moved the Timestamp preferences in Mozilla to "Edit | Preferences | Timestamp".

15 September, 2004 version 0.13

New features:
  • Compatible with Thunderbird 0.8.
  • Added "Insert timestamp" to composer context menu (right click popup).

23 June, 2004 version 0.12

New features:
  • Timestamp is now compatible with Mozilla 1.7. The extension is installed in the program chrome folder. The Timestamp options are found in: "Edit | Preferences | Mail & Newsgroups | Timestamp".

15 June, 2004 version 0.11

New features:
  • Updated the install process to work with the new Extension Manager in Thunderbird 0.7a (Aviary branch). The old extension mechanism is still supported.

17 May, 2004 version 0.1

New features:
  • Initial version